Thank you for your interest in the 21st European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ECTES) which will be held in Oslo from April 24-26, 2022. Registration for the congress is required.

Online Registration

Proof of Status

Conference Fee 

Regular Fee – until April 23, 2022
incl. Public transportation4

from April 24, 2022
incl. Public transportation4

Individual Member ESTES

€ 470

€ 570 


€ 585 

€ 640 

Nursing Staff1 

€ 235 

€ 265 

Medical student2 

€ 120 

€ 150 

Member ESTES Resident1 

€ 240 

€ 270 

Non-Member Resident1 

€ 320 

€ 355 

Industry Representative 

€ 620 

€ 675 

Day Ticket

€ 255 

€ 280 

Further bookings 


Welcome Reception, Sunday (April 24, 2022)

€ 50 

Reception at the City Hall of Oslo, Monday (April 25, 2022)

€ 0 

Lunch buffet incl. 1 soft drink, Sunday (April 24, 2022)

€ 30 

Lunch buffet incl. 1 soft drink, Monday (April 25, 2022)

€ 30 

Please note: Member ESTES Fees only apply to accepted members of ESTES, otherwise non-member fees will apply. The “Individual Member ESTES” fees are only applicable to those who have applied for ESTES individual membership, have been accepted, and have paid the 2022 membership fee.

Please also note that the lunch buffet can only be booked up to and including April 11, 2022.

1Nursing Staff/Resident Fees: In order to verify your status as a nurse/resident, a written confirmation hospital/institution is required, otherwise individual member/non-member fees will apply. Please use confirmation form and send it to
2 Student: Please send your student ID to
3Only one Day Ticket may be purchased, but do not include transport.
4This includes the standard train from/to Gardermoen airport and Oslo as well as bus, tram, metro and public boats in Oslo from April 24-26, 2022.

Payment and confirmation of payment
An invoice or confirmation of registration will be sent to you via postal or electronic mail within 14 days. This invoice is a valid invoice which may be submitted to the local tax and revenue office. All fees are due upon receipt of invoice/registration confirmation. Payment transfers must include participant’s name and invoice number. Payment is also accepted by credit card (Master-/Eurocard, American Express, VISA).

General terms and conditions
Please find our general terms and conditions here:

General terms and conditions